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About Vote Compass

Vote Compass is an interactive electoral literacy application developed by a global non-profit network of political scientists. Its objective is to promote democratic engagement during election campaigns. See the Frequently Asked Questions and How It Works sections to learn about Vote Compass. For more information visit

Executive Committee
Clifton van der Linden, Executive Director
Yannick Dufresne, Director of Communications
Gregory Eady, Director of Analytics
Jennifer Hove, Director of Research

Steering Committee
Dr. Aaron Martin, University of Melbourne
Dr. Anika Gauja, University of Sydney
Dr. Ariadne Vromen, University of Sydney
Dr. Rodney Smith, University of Sydney

Advisory Panel
Petro Georgiou, University of Melbourne
Dr. Stewart Jackson, University of Sydney
Nicholas Reece, University of Melbourne

ABC News Liaisons
Gillian Bradford, Federal Election Producer, ABC News
Antony Green, Election Analyst, ABC News
Andrew Kesper, Lead Developer, ABC News Online
Matthew Liddy, Executive Producer (Special Coverage), ABC News Online
Ben Spraggon, Lead Designer, ABC News Online

Application Development
Anthony Cholmondeley, Developer
Kristen Hevenor, Project Manager
Vlad Shalamov, System Architect
Amy Tilarso, Interactive Developer
Marlon Valenzuela, Lead Developer

Application Optimisation by Functional Imperative
Jonathan Salis, Senior Developer
Khurram Virani, Lead Developer